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Alex Rowan engaged

Alex Rowan, a GCI-USA pastoral intern serving at GCI’s Ground Zero church in the Denver, Colorado area, recently was engaged to be married to Manda Bulowns. Congratulations Alex and Manda!


3 thoughts on “Alex Rowan engaged”

  1. Dear Alex and Manda,
    A special wish comes from Linda and I as we are prompted to remember our wonderful and enjoyable engagement and preparations for marriage so long ago. Memories and joys fill our hearts even now as we think about our wonderful beginnings together. So we wish you every joy in your growth together and preparations in love, for your future wedding! Take time to enjoy the trip through your beginnings together, we are in prayer for you both, with love, David and Linda Husmann.

  2. Alex, as a fellow student in our GCS class, I offer my congratulations for your engagement! May the planning go smoothly, the wedding be a day of amazing happiness, and life together be a joyful journey together as you share in the love of Father, Son and Spirit.

  3. How thrilling. So glad each one of you was found by the other. Hope the joy expressed in the photo only accelerates and increases in the days and years to come.

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