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Greensboro 50th

Christian Reconciliation Fellowship, the GCI church in Greensboro, North Carolina recently celebrated its 50th anniversary with a day-long retreat at a nearby state park.

Pastor Hilary leading worship

The day began with a breakfast buffet followed by a Lectio Divina (meditative Scripture reading) session. After a break for refreshments, the group shared a worship service with Pastor Hillary Irusta (pictured at left) leading inspiring and reflective worship in song and prayer. Her father, Pastor Joel Irusta, then gave a short summary of the congregation’s history, while focusing on its vision for the future. After a photo session the group (pictured below) enjoyed a buffet lunch. The remainder of the afternoon was spent in hiking, games and just talking together.


6 thoughts on “Greensboro 50th”

  1. Congratulations on your 50th Greensboro!
    What a milestone. We would love to have been there to help you celebrate.
    God bless you all!
    Curtis and Jannice

  2. Happy Birthday Greensboro!
    My family and I spent many happy years in Greensboro attending the Church first in Fayetteville,then on the outskirts of Greensboro in the 1960’s and 70’s. God has given longevity, may He bless you also with the strength to continue to do His will and growth.

  3. What a wonderful 50 years we are sure, wishing 50 more years of growth with Jesus as you continue to build upon our foundation in Christ. God Bless you all in Greensboro! David and Linda Husmann

  4. Congratulations Greensboro!
    We will never forget the beautiful people we got to know there. We count ourselves blessed to have lived and served there. May God continue to bless you and sustain you in Son, Jesus.

  5. So it is God’s will that the congregation has 50 years in its past and continues to look forward with a good group of people to the unfolding future. Congratulations and God bless you in all you plan and do.

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