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Jan Flynn: Teacher of the Year!

Jan and Ross Flynn
Jan and Ross Flynn

Congratulations to Jan Flynn, wife of GCI pastor Ross Flynn. Recently Jan was named twice as state-wide “Teacher of the Year”—first by the Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW), then by the American Legion and U.S. Department of Education. One award included a $500 grant to be used for an educational project.

Jan teaches choir at Oxford Middle School in the Detroit area where she is well known for her devotion to teaching students to love music. Her philosophy that “Music is a way to know the world, as a part of our daily lives and heritage” is evident in all that she does—in the classroom, directing choirs and leading drum groups. Jan founded the Oxford Americana Concert in her community more than a decade ago. This annual performance has become an eagerly anticipated community event.

5 thoughts on “Jan Flynn: Teacher of the Year!”

  1. Way cool, Jan! This is great news. Many people have more enriched lives because you give so much of yourself, generously sharing the talents you have. And behind (way behind) every great woman…well, we all know. Love to both of you from Deb and me.

  2. Congrats Jan! Thank you for making a beautiful difference in many lives!

  3. Jan, it’s been a long time since we were together at AC in the 1970’s, and it’s great to hear you and Ross are still very active in shaping lives in positive ways. I think showing kids the joys and messages of music is a great way to inspire them to live fuller lives, and to see that there is beauty and order designed into everything in life. As Rob Bell titles one of his videos, “Everything Is Spiritual,” gives the idea that God is involved in all aspects of life–music included.

  4. Jan, Congratulations!

    What a wonderful expression of Jesus’ love to all whom you touch through your teaching of music. May your teaching continue to be a motivation for those under your influence, and congratulations on the public recognition! What a fine shining example for all of us! Thank-you!

    David and Linda Husmann

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