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Lois Peterson graduates

Lois Peterson, wife of GCI elder Rick Peterson who serves in GCI’s church in Big Sandy, Texas, recently graduated cum laude from The University of Texas at Tyler, receiving a bachelor of science degree in interdisciplinary studies. Lois plans to teach at the elementary level. Congratulations Lois and family!

Left to right: daughters Josette and Anna, Rick, Lois and son James.

7 thoughts on “Lois Peterson graduates”

  1. Congratulations Lois! What a nice looking family you have, and you and Rick still look about the same as you did in college.

  2. Many congrats and kuddos, Lois. You are a great example of lifelong learning and accomplishment. A good model for your kids and others who know you. Keep it up, and best wishes in your school teaching.

  3. Great News Lois,

    Congratulations on your graduation. It’s good to see the family again. I know the kids you teach will be the real winners here.

    Todd Woods

  4. Special thanks for all your hard work Lois! Wonderful example for many women and families for such an expression of gifts to be used of God’ Blessings. David and Linda Husmann

  5. Congratulations, Sis!! My Masters and your Bachelors in the same year – what are we doing finishing our schooling at this age?? (Of course, you may not be finished. You can always go on to Masters and PHD!) Love you, Glen

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