GCI-Canada update

Here are reports of two recent events in GCI-Canada.

Canada elderElder ordained in Calgary

GCI-Canada National Director Gary Moore reports that during his recent visit to the Calgary congregation, he and his wife Wendy were privileged to participate in the ordination of Emily Lukacik as an elder. Emily and her husband Andrew (pictured at right) are long-time members and servants of the Calgary church.

Camp Connections fundraiser

Mark Yandt reports a successful fifth annual bike ride to raise money for GCI’s Camp Connections. A team of 15 riders (pictured below) raised a total of $13,400. Mark commented:

Not only did we raise more than in previous years, but almost 80% of our fundraising came from supporters with no previous affiliation with Camp Connections or with GCI. Our biggest fundraiser again this year was Karl Moore (in the red jersey below) who raised over $5300 and promoted the trip for months beforehand on Facebook and Twitter. He even posted updates during the ride and raised over half of his support during or after the ride was completed!

Canada fundraiser