Birth of Jutsum’s grandchildren

Ross Jutsum, GCI elder and director of State of the Heart Ministries, and his wife Tammy are pleased to announce the recent birth of three grandchildren.

Tammy and Ross Jutsum

Ross and Tammy’s daughter Heidi recently gave birth to a son Gabriel Joseph. Heidi and her husband Ryan live in Connecticut. Ryan recently received a Ph.D. in Theology from Yale Divinity School, and with his mentor Miroslav Volf, coauthored the book Public Faith in Action.

The Jutsum’s daughter Lisa recently gave birth to twins: Evelyne Kathryn and Isaiah Frederick. The newborns, their mother and father (pictured below) are doing well. Lisa and Jonathan met in the Democratic Republic of the Congo while Lisa was serving as a missionary with Samaritan’s Purse, and Jonathan was working as a missionary pilot.


10 thoughts on “Birth of Jutsum’s grandchildren”

  1. “Trinitarian” Congratulations! Your smiles are contagious 🙂

    Every blessing,
    Santiago and Elke

  2. Congratulations to you Tammy and Ross as well as your lovely children and new grandchildren. You have always been great with children Ross so now it’s time for the next round!!! We are very happy for you and Tammy – enjoy your grandchildren …. we enjoy ours … they are all very precious.

    With love and fond memories …. Barry and Wendy (Gridley)

  3. Congratulations to the whole family! We look forward to stories of escapades from Ross concerning his grand babies… New life surely is a blessing from God, so I guess your family has been blessed in triplicate! Blessings to Tammy, Heidi, Ryan, Lisa and Johnathan (and Ross too, of course) from Sonlight Fellowship in NH!

  4. To All The Jutsums,

    Congratulations on all the new arrivals!! So great to see family being blessed so richly by our gracious Lord. May your lives continue to be so touched by Him. Your old YA pal Todd Woods

  5. Many congratulations to all. Hope you get to be involved closely with their lives. Is it an inevitable fact of life that when you wait a longtime fora bus (in your case grandchildren!) that 3 come along at once!Our love, Nigel & Angela 🙂

  6. Glorious News!!!! Congratulations to all!!Smiles and Joy, Love, Darlene Hemingway, Family of Faith, London, Ontario, Canada Fri. June 24 Saint-Jean Baptiste Day

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