Karl Reinagel honored

Karl and Carla Reinagel
Karl and Carla Reinagel

Karl Reinagel, pastor of New Creation in Christ, GCI’s congregation in Ferguson, Missouri, was one of five pastors recently awarded the 2016 Faith Impact Award by the Nehemiah Program for their contributions in helping heal the wounds in the cities of Ferguson and Florrissant in the aftermath of the highly publicized shooting that occurred in 2014.

The prestigious award (pictured below) was given to pastors, police, firefighters, educators and bankers. The award presentation was made by Ferguson’s mayor, Ev. Vivian Duddley, who thanked the honorees for “making a real difference in the community.”


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  1. Here is some additional detail about Karl’s award:

    The Faith Impact award was given for Karl’s congregation’s service to the war-torn city of Ferguson, Missouri. Presenting the award was Evangelist Vivian Duddley, (The Nehemiah Pr ogram and One Church One Movement) along with Mayor James Knowles III.The acknowledgement of the congregation’s “willingness to help without ulterior motive” came as the result of four years of seeking God’s will in fasting and prayer, seeking wise counsel and intentional action.

    After the August and November 2014 riots, Evangelist Duddley gathered hundreds of churches from the greater St. Louis area to sign “The Ferguson Declaration” repenting and vowing to work together as the people of God. Under the leadership of Pastor José Aguayo, a Chaplin with the Billy Graham Emergency Response Team, the congregation, New Creation in Christ, was trained and began a weekly checking on and praying with the people living in the community behind the burnt-down Quick Trip in a program called Adopt a Block.

    Forty churches came together to bring Convoy of Hope to a nearby park prior to the marching (augmented by busloads of paid protesters) last summer. The Ferguson Ministerial Alliance (representing 18 denominations) provided a place of refreshment in the blazing heat with tents, chairs to rest, ice water, worship and prayer. Prayer walking the streets were the Billy Graham Chaplin’s along with many in their blue tee shirts who served at The Convoy of Hope, and Adopt a Block. As tensions flared, people of faith prayed and a torrential down pour drenched the area and the plans of the rioters. “You can’t start a forest fire after six inches of rain” said a grateful Pastor Karl. Again as tensions flared in November, the only” blue” presence seen on the street in front of the Police Department was people wearing their blue Convoy of Hope tee shirts praying with protesters and the police.

    By Thanksgiving of last year, New Creation in Christ, one of St. Louis’s oldest mixed congregations, had moved their worship service and weekly prayer meeting into the community they had been serving not only through Adopt a Block but with a summer 5 Day Club, Christmas Across America and Good News Club in the elementary school. Members have attended endless Community Policing meetings required by the Department of Justice. They also hosted three conversations with Curtis May of The Office of Reconciliation and Mediation with numerous North County Police Chiefs, Pastors and people of peace. Pastor José commented:

    “Knowing that I will have teams of volunteers from New Creation in Christ Church; that the average age may be 70 or more is an encouragement for me to get to the location on time without a second to spare. Pastor Karl is a man of great integrity and faith in which God has entrusted his children for care, love and encouragement. He is doing a fine job and serves as an inspiration for many Pastors to pattern their gifting after. It has been an honor and inspiration to serve with him, his lovely wife and his wonderful, spirit-filled congregation.”

  2. Congratulations Karl and Carla! I know you did not love your community for reward and recognition, but it is nice to see them acknowledge and appreciate your love and concern for the people of Ferguson.

    Love and appreciate you brother!

  3. Dear Karl and Carla,

    I am so thrilled to hear about the received award. Thanks much for being such a humble reflection of Christ. Blessed be the peacemakers!

    God for us, in us and through us.


  4. Congratulations Karl and Carla! A well-deserved award. Blessings on your ongoing efforts for providing means of healing and reconciliation.


  5. super congrats, Karl, for a compassionate heart of Jesus well-expressed. May lives be changed for the good from the love you and others showed.

  6. Congratulations Karl (and Carla),

    Great to see the “impact” of your light has been deservedly noted!

  7. Congratulations Karl and Carla,

    Thanks for “Living Sent” in a very dynamic community situation.

    Todd Woods

  8. Kudos to both of you for this well-deserved award. Race relations are a subject that requires immense courage, compassion and wisdom and it seems you both fit the bill. I know Curtis May appreciates all your support. Couldn’t help but think when the name “Ferguson” crops up how the Loraine Motel in Memphis where Dr King was shot is now the National Civil Rights Museum. God can bring good out of tragedy by moving the right people into the right place. Blessings, NE

  9. Congratulations Karl and Carla!
    We are grateful and excited to see how the light of the Lord reflected in and through you is impacting your community. Keep up the good work in Him.

    Luciano & Sue

  10. Well done Karl. You and your congregation are graphic illustrations of incarnational living in and with people who need healing only the Spirit can provide. Greetings and blessings to all!

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