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Celebrating GCI’s black history

In the U.S., February is Black History Month—a time to highlight and celebrate the substantial contributions of African-Americans to the development of our nation. To add to your celebrations as a congregation, we recommend use of the video below. It celebrates the history of GCI’s South Side Chicago church, which has a long and storied history of African-American leaders and members who contributed, often at great personal cost, to the development of both their congregation and the whole denomination. We celebrate and honor these brothers and sisters in Christ.

On Vimeo at vimeo.com/156489638, on YouTube at youtu.be/EyixU22u9bQ and also see the GCI video page at http://www.gci.org/chicagosouth.

9 thoughts on “Celebrating GCI’s black history”

  1. Wow! What a legacy of Christ’s Love and patience in our brother’s and sister’s represented here. The leadership tutelage presented is undoubtedly the work of God given for us all to witness. We stand in awe of our Lord’s work within our fellowship is such a holistic way and recognized the strength and love held by our beloved brothers and sisters. This video will be played in both of our congregations this month of February in honor of our Black History! David and Linda Husmann.

    1. Hi Peter. To download this video, you can go to the GCI video page at https://www.gci.org/chicagosouth and look under “download options”, or you can click on the link below the video

      to access the Vimeo site where the video is posted. Scroll down and click on the “download” icon to download the video to your computer (or other device) and you can then make a DVD, project in on your screen or via a projector or whatever other projection system you might use to show it to an audience.

  2. It is a great honor to have been a product of this legacy. Love you forever Chicago South Side Church!!!!!

  3. What an amazing video! I grew up at the Chicago South Side church and recognized many people in the video. My pastor here in Atlanta said he will show the video during Black History Month. I’m sure it will be well-received since Pastor Barr is now a member of our congregation.

  4. My, my, my, my, my, my, my! Such good memories were recalled watching this video, and seeing the people that shaped my heart and showed me how to live for God. I was one of the first 25 member families at the start of the Chicago South Church. I remember all the history and good times growing up and living for the church. They were so involved in every aspect of our lives and gave us the guidance we needed to walk through the difficulties of life. Now to hear from the men I studied under is just a bonus to where I am today, in the love of Jesus. Thanks for the memories. Sr. Pastor Charles R Adams, out of our way, Into His Way Ministries, Richmond, Virginia. A product of the Chicago Southside Church

  5. Could not watch this without tearing up..actually crying. This really touched me in a way that left me without words to express what I felt. What great memories. What great friends. I will always the consider Chicago Southside Church as my “home” church. Harold L. Jackson and Dean Blackwell will never be forgotten. Thanks also to Carlos Perkins (RIP), Allan Barr, Arnold Hampton and Willard High. Kenneth and Lisa Barker, may the Father, Son and Spirit bless your pastorate beyond your wildest dreams.

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