Meet GCI-USA intern Mohammad Ali

We are pleased to introduce you to Mohammad Ali (pictured below), one of our newest interns in the GCI-USA Intern Program. Mohammad is interning in GCI’s San Jose, CA, congregation under the tutelage of Lead Pastor Mel Dahlgren, with CAD team member Ted Johnston serving as Mohammad’s ministry coach. Here is a short bio from Mohammad:

I was born in the Ukraine and moved back and forth from Jordan and Kazakhstan due to my father’s job. My mother and I came to the United States nine years ago, when I was 12. Throughout my middle school and high school years, I always acknowledged the existence of God, but never partook in the intimate relationship that Jesus Christ provides.

At age 18 I moved away from home and went from being a hereditary Christian to an individual who was transformed in heart, thought and action by Jesus through the Word. I believe it is my calling to be a minister of the gospel.

Currently, I am serving as the youth pastor and one of the worship leaders at my church. My hope is to one day plant a church and live in a region where the Word of God is either being suppressed or has never been presented. I know that God will use my GCI internship to continue improving my effectiveness as a disciple of Jesus.

8 thoughts on “Meet GCI-USA intern Mohammad Ali”

  1. Wow!!! Welcome aboard. I’ve got goosebumps of excitement just thinking about the good things our Father is doing and will do.

  2. Welcome to the program, Mohammad! We are delighted to have you as a co-laborer in the Gospel, friend and Brother in Christ. We are all cheering you on in prayer!

  3. Very inspiring to read about your passion to be a minister of the gospel, Mohammad!
    GCI needs you and you can be assured of my prayers for you!
    Be blessed, brother.

  4. Dear Mohammad,

    I pray that God will guide your zeal and give you increasing clarity concerning the details of your gospel service.

    Keep trusting in Him.

    Every blessing,

  5. Welcome Mohammad! We are so excited in what is going to do as you participate in his ministry. Praying for you ..

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