Jim Kissee

We have been praying for GCI Pastor Jim Kissee for several months as he continues to battle cancer (click here for the original prayer request). Here is a recent update from Jim.

Jim Kissee

I’ve now completed radiation, and my doctor says I survived it well! A follow-up CT scan shows the tumor in my abdomen has not grown, though it is in contact with five of my internal organs. In surgery, set for June 27, they will determine if the tumor is “stuck” to any of the organs (it wasn’t at the time of my first surgery). I will be in the hospital five to seven days following surgery, with the recovery after that lasting six to eight weeks (longer if there are complications, though my surgeon assures me that he will utilize the best surgical techniques to avoid complications). Though it will be major surgery, Kaye and I are thankful to have this option. We feel it’s the direction God is leading us. We also are very thankful for the kindnesses shown to us by so many of you. Thank you especially for your continuing prayers.

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Jim and Kaye Kissee
601 N. 36th St
Nixa, MO

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  1. Blessings and prayers for you Jim and Kaye. You are in good… God’s hands. David & Jonnie Perry

  2. Jim and Kaye, Good to hear you are through the radiation and that the tumor has not grown. We pray for a successful surgery and outcome. The Great Physician holds you in the palm of His hands. Ray and Carol Meyer

  3. The Jacksonville, Fla. congregation will certainly be remembering you in prayer during this ordeal, and thanking Almighty God what He has already done. Remember… God is STILL doing great things.
    Linda S. Washington – Christian Family Fellowship, Jacksonville, Fla. – Marty Davey, Pastor

  4. Praying for you and Kaye. I’ve grown to really hate cancer for what it does to people and their loved ones. Bill Miller

  5. Dear Jim and Kaye,

    We much appreciate this update. Have been thinking of you praying for
    comfort, encouragement and healing.

    In Him,
    Santiago and Elkr

  6. Keeping you and your family in my prayers. May the Holy Spirit keep you uplifted and our Father provide swift healing.

  7. Jim & Kaye, we Arkansans & Missourians gotta stick together; we’re with you in prayer in this gallant battle you are fighting in Father’s mercy. Love JR & Hazel

  8. Hi Jim and Kaye,
    Praying that God’s presence with you continues to be strong in his way walking and talking with you and your hand in his hand. Always in Jesus, Franklin

  9. We are glad to hear that you were able to survive radiation therapy, and hope and pray that the surgery will be guided by the Lord’s hand and will be successful. May the peace, the strength and the healing of the Lord be with you.

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