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GCI Burundi

Eugène Shibomana, GCI’s representative in the Central African nation of Burundi, requests prayer for the GCI congregation in Carama, Burundi. The President of Burundi recently issued a decree that churches in that nation will not be permitted to operate unless they have a modern church building (click here for a related news article). Unfortunately, the building our congregation recently built on the land it purchased does not meet the decree’s criteria and must be torn down. There is concern that this might lead to loss of attendance and other hardships.

4 thoughts on “GCI Burundi”

  1. Dear Eugene,

    Thanks much for sharing. We will be interceding that the God of the universe will reveal Himself mightily and turn the situation around by pouring unexpected blessings as a witness to His glory.

    Santiago and Elke

  2. Eugene, Our congregations will be praying for you all in this trial. David and Linda Husmann and congregations in Omaha Nebraska and Sioux City Iowa USA.

  3. Eugene, one of our GCI members here in Calgary, Canada is from Burundi and will go there later this year to be married and then bring his bride back here. He writes: “Let us pray that God might touch the heart of the President of Burundi and he will change his mind.”

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