We Are GCI Series – Jonathan Martinez

We Are GCI Series is a collection of videos where various GCI leaders and members are highlighted.
In this episode, GCI Pastor, Jonathan Martinez, is joined by his beautiful family and shares a little about himself and why he likes to serve in GCI and in what ways he connects the most with God.

4 thoughts on “We Are GCI Series – Jonathan Martinez”

  1. Very Cool! Jonathan, love getting to know you and the family. Look forward to the time when we can all share our lives, lessons learned and, above all, God’s grace and love.

    Every blessing,

  2. Hey Jonathan,

    Great seeing you and your beautiful family. We’ve both had some amazing journeys in our life since our days at Ambassador together. I hope our paths will cross again some day at a pastor’s conference and we can catch up in person. Thanks for sharing yourself, your family, and your guilty pleasure with all of us.

    In grace,

  3. Being relaxed & loving stands out in the world.
    Thanks & greetings from the UK.
    (My daughter is finishing University in Lancaster, England-it’s a small world!).

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