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Meet Doug Tomes

“I feel called to service. I try to be involved with what needs to be done, wherever that may be.”—Doug Tomes

Check out this month’s GCI Profile to get to know Doug Tomes, member of the pastoral team in Clarksville, Tennessee, U.S.

To read his full profile, click the image below. #WeAreGCI

2 thoughts on “Meet Doug Tomes”

  1. Dear Doug,

    Thanks for sharing these glimpses of your life with us. May the Lord magnify your ministry.

    In Him,
    Santiago and Elke

  2. Doug, it was great to learn about what gives you joy and purpose. I, too, have a great love for music and find tremendous encouragement in Romans 8. Perhaps we will have an opportunity to chat at a future gathering of GCI Pastors… All the best to you and your lovely wife!

    Warm regards,
    Thom Friedrich

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