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100th birthday

Peggy Singer

For the last seven years New Hope Christian Fellowship (the GCI congregation in Eagle Rock, CA) has offered a Sunday morning church service at The Fair Oaks by Regency Park Senior Living Center in Pasadena, CA. The service, which is coordinated by GCI elder Ron Kelly, draws from seven to 20 people with various denominational backgrounds.

One of the most consistent attendees during the last five years has been Peggy Singer. On November 29 the Fair Oaks staff gave her a 100th birthday party. In attendance were the four GCI elders who routinely speak at the church service. The picture below shows some of the celebrants, including Peggy, some of her relatives, and the GCI elders and their wives: Glen and Connie Weber, Larry and Linda Helscher, Fred and Maryann Stevens, and Ron and Norva Kelly.