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Short-term mission trips

“Going on short-term mission trips has changed me. I now see my whole life as a mission field. I now see my school as a mission field where I have the opportunity to make the Kingdom visible to my friends and classmates. We all have opportunities like this. The question is this: Do we dare to take them? Short-term mission trips are like a training ground to live the Gospel everywhere in our lives.”

This statement is from a young GCI member who has participated in some of Generations Ministries’ short-term mission trips. GenMin invites you (along with others from your church), to join one of these inspiring short-term mission trips in 2012. GenMin is hosting several trips next year to the following locations: Cincinnati, Ohio (urban mission), Mexico, South Africa and India.

Adults and older teens will greatly benefit from one of these trips. They are physically challenging, yet they yield great spiritual rewards – helping participants to become more fully missional in their outlook and lifestyle. Fundamental to these trips is the understanding that being missional is not about a small compartment of one’s life. Rather, it’s a lifestyle that is expressive of God’s own nature – the God who is a sending God – who, as an expression of his love, sends his Son on mission to the world through the Holy Spirit. A short-term mission trip is an excellent way to “jump in” and begin living “sent” in every aspect of one’s life.

For more information about GenMin short-term mission trips, you may email Anthony Mullins (anthony.mullins@gci.org) or visit individual GenMin short-term mission websites: