GCI-Africa: reports & prayer requests

Here are reports on recent GCI activities in Africa.


With help from a member in France, a much-needed bicycle was provided recently to Mr. Chafa, who takes care of the GCI congregations meeting in Bunda and Ntuwasweka, Malawi. Mr. Chafa had been walking over six miles each week from his home in Bunda to Ntuwasweka to serve the people there.

South Africa

GCI-South Africa recently conducted a youth camp (SEP) with assistance from GCI congregations and a camp in Canada.


GCI pastors in Kenya gathered recently for a conference where they had a time of refreshing apart from their pastoral responsibilities. The group exchanged stories of the successes and challenges encountered in their respective mission fields. Presentations were given on themes relevant to their calling. Following the conference, they joined GCI’s Nairobi congregation for a worship service. Finances permitting, the group plans to meet at least twice a year.

Here are GCI prayer requests from three nations in Africa:

  • Ghana: Please pray for God’s intervention in our favor regarding three cases in court. People are trying to take over several parcels of land we acquired several years ago. We have documents covering each parcel, yet people are invading and trespassing.
  • Burundi: Please pray that God will give us favor so that we are not discriminated against because we are a small and relatively newly registered church in Burundi. The Government of Burundi appointed a new commission in charge of denominations. The commission consists of Bishops from denominations that have existed for a long time in Burundi. These denominations have modern church buildings and large development projects. The commission is requesting that the government close denominations that do not have these things and that request will be reviewed soon by the National Assembly. Please pray that God intervenes.
  • Zambia: Please pray for our jubilee celebrations.

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  1. To my dear brothers and sisters in Africa—

    Your challenges are many, bur your faith is even greater. Continue to reflect the love of Jesus. The One who is able will never leave nor forsake you. Be encouraged by the many prayers being offered for you around the world.

    With love,
    Santiago and Elke

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