Shoebox mission trip

Crossing Borders, a GCI Generations Ministries’ mission organization, recently returned from a trip to Mexico, where they distributed about 1000 shoeboxes full of gifts to needy children. Crossing Borders’ director Lee Berger noted that the children responded with “broad smiles, tears of delight and giggles of glee.” He also mentioned that the parents’ faces lighted up upon seeing their children being blessed with boxes full of “necessities and fun stuff.” Besides the shoebox gifts, Crossing Borders also presented handmade blankets and quilts, totes full of supplies for infants, bracelets and other special presents.

In his report on the trip, Lee stressed that Crossing Borders’ goal is to help each shoebox recipient understand “that they are special and unique to God… innately worthy of his personal touch.” Though it may seem that distributing shoeboxes assembled prior to the trip by various congregations and other donors is impersonal, Lee pointed out that each shoebox is unique, being assembled individually with a personal touch. One group of shoeboxes even included a picture of the donating congregation (see picture, above left). Each shoebox is prayed over by the senders, then put into the hands of a specific child in Mexico. “We’ve come to realize,” Lee noted, “that, even with 1000 boxes, God can direct each one to go exactly where it needs to go—and he does!”

Lee gave an example: On one occasion, a girl opened a box that was labeled to be for a girl, but it was packed with what were obviously boy’s items. Noticing this “mistake,” they tried to trade out her box for a girl’s box. But it turns out that the girl’s father was out of work and depressed, and the little girl had been wanting to find a way to cheer him up. She told us that this box of boy’s stuff was the perfect present she could give her dad. God knew and provided!

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  1. It’s pretty easy to set me off emotionally these days with so many heavy things going on in mine and the lives of so many people I know.
    The last anecdote above was the “God is still SOOOO in charge” story I needed to hear.
    Thank you Jesus. Thank you Lee. Thank you CB volunteers. Thank you GCI.

  2. It is a great honor and pleasure for our Crossing Borders missions team to be able to be such a flexible tool in the relationships God is building between Himself and people everywhere. Thanks very much to James and all who support this mission in prayer and in other resources. For more info:

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