Prayers for Fran Baron

Fran Baron, mother of Debbie Wood, both members of GCI Tyler, Texas, suffered a small frontal lobe stroke on May 23. Fran was admitted to the hospital for observation. She has had ongoing issues with atrial fibrillation for several years.

Debbie Wood was a teacher at Ambassador, and both she and her mother Fran are well known and loved by many who attended and were part of the church community in the surrounding area.

Fran was put on a low dose medication and able to be released to go home as she began to show signs of improvement within 24-36 hours. She will be having follow-up appointments with doctors in the coming weeks.

Please keep her and family in your prayers in the coming weeks as they determine the additional needs she has.

If you would like to send her a card please address it to:

Fran Baron
602 Golden Road, Apt 306
Tyler TX 75701

2 thoughts on “Prayers for Fran Baron”

  1. May the great Mediator of our prayers, the Lord Jesus, present our perfected petitions to our Father who takes great pleasure in his Son. We place our trust in him. He understands our suffering. We have no better advocate.

    In him,
    Santiago and Elke

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