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Neighborhood Camp—Surrey, OK, US

As 75 campers, 40+ volunteer staff, and dozens of parents poured into the front doors Wednesday morning of Camp Surrey, I was reminded of what life-on-life ministry looks like. These people were more than camp attendees – they were people I see at my kid’s school, ball games, neighborhood activities, the neighborhood gas station, the neighborhood park, and all other places where my family and I do life. Camp Surrey was yet another braid in the rope of my life, the church’s life, and the lives in Surrey Hills. Every single child and parent was known in some way by at least two or three staff members. The friendly greeting and connections further deepened the relationships being built with our church and the people of the neighborhood.
But the Holy Spirit never stops. Among the 40+ volunteer staff, approximately 10 of the staff are “new members” of our church! Relationships with these new church family members and long-time family members were significantly deepened. Bonds were built as a foundation for a life-long relationship with one another.
The activities, kayaking, team building, food, dancing, and messages were all great. But what really stood out to me as a pastor was seeing the everlasting impact happening in the lives of campers, staff, and parents.
Being a neighborhood church with a neighborhood camp is more than being a church in the neighborhood with a camp. It’s living out the love of God in our daily lives in the neighborhood we live!
Grace and peace,
Joe Brannen
Pastor, Surrey Hills, OK, US

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  1. Great! Thanks for sharing this good news! Hope to have a neighborhood camp here at GCIRiverRoad!

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