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Newly Appointed Asst. Secretary of the Board & Comptroller

We are pleased to announce that the Board of Directors has appointed Pam Morgan, GCI Church Operations Coordinator as Assistant Secretary. Pam will serve alongside Evelyn Dailey in this role assisting the Secretary in facilitating Board directives. Please join us in congratulating Pam on this appointment. She will continue with her other substantial responsibilities coordinating the operations of the President’s Office.

We are also pleased to announce that Robert Meade has been promoted from Budget Manager to Comptroller. Robert has already been fulfilling many comptroller duties. Comptroller responsibilities include managing all aspects of the accounting department, corporate budgets, external audits, cash flow estimates, etc. Robert is also enrolled in an MBA program with a scheduled completion next year. He will continue to report to the Chief Financial Officer. Robert has served GCI faithfully for 36 years and is well prepared for his new position. Please join us in congratulating Robert Meade on his new role!

Mat Morgan
Chief Financial Officer

8 thoughts on “Newly Appointed Asst. Secretary of the Board & Comptroller”

  1. Congratulations Pam and Robert. You are both well gifted and capable in this service to the Lord and the denomination.

  2. Congratulations!!! Thanks so much for the many years of loyal service to the Lord and his church. I’ve had the privilege to know both Pam and Robert since the 1980’s (we were babies back then) and can fully attest their dedication and sterling work ethic.

  3. Pam and Robert, delighted to hear about your extra responsibilities. Knowing you both for a long time I know you will rise to the new challenges. Thank you too Mat for your upbeat example.

  4. Pam and Robert, congratulations! God guide and make His presence felt in your service to the denomination.

  5. Congratulation to Pam for being appointed as Assitant secretary of the Board of Directors. All the best to you with your new responsibilites and I congratulate Robert Meade to your new responsibilities as comptroller and have success in all your daily work.

  6. So very happy for Pam and Robert for promotions. We ALL benefit from you two being at the Home Office. Thank you!!!!

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