Mexico youth camp

GCI Mexico held its annual youth camp in December with 45 campers and 8 counselors. The camp was held at Club Primavera in the state of Morelos, just outside Cuernavacas, Mexico. Pastor Natanael Garcia was camp coordinator, assisted by a committee of emerging young leaders.


The camp began with an inspiring worship service at the Mexico City church were the youth gathered from different parts of the nation to depart to the campsite. The camp theme Activate rang out throughout the week as Pastor Cruz and others developed it on a daily basis: activate God’s love, activate your faith, activate my passion and service and activate God’s calling. Jorge Hernandez Arroyo, a young pastor in the Mexico City area was guest speaker and Alfredo Mercado (Mexico’s National Leader) also participated. Here is a video of the camp (on YouTube at

Participating in the camp provided the youth with an opportunity to bond as a GCI family while being challenged in their faith and spiritual growth. The Mexican youth are grateful to the Jon Whitney foundation and to GCI’s Southern California Spanish-speaking congregations for their financial support in making the camp a reality.

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